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Accession Number:   20170227-5191
Description:   Protest of Enable Mississippi River Transmission, LLC under CP17-40.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      Exhibit No. MRT-0037.PDF 5208759  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0037
      Exhibit No. MRT-0031.PDF 474683  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0031
      Exhibit No. MRT-0016.PDF 8300757  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0016
      Exhibit No. MRT-0030.PDF 573032  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0030
      MRT Protest.PDF 251143  
            Protest of Enable Mississippi River Transmission, LLC
      Exhibit No. MRT-0027.PDF 980528  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0027
      Exhibit No. MRT-0036.PDF 529660  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0036
      Exhibit No. MRT-0020.PDF 540861  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0020
      Exhibit No. MRT-0028.PDF 977457  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0028
      Exhibit No. MRT-0006.PDF 1289361  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0006
      Exhibit No. MRT-0038.PDF 628744  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0038
      Exhibit No. MRT-0003 - Carpenter Affidavit.PDF 1130348  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0003 - Carpenter Affidavit
      Exhibit No. MRT-0023.PDF 515497  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0023
      Exhibit No. MRT-0017.PDF 1185366  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0017
      Exhibit No. MRT-0026.PDF 491246  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0026
      Certificate of Service.PDF 6818  
            Certificate of Service
      Exhibit No. MRT-0015.PDF 576436  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0015
      Exhibit No. MRT-0004.PDF 192709  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0004
      Exhibit No. MRT-0008 - Ditzel Affidavit.PDF 56276  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0008 - Ditzel Affidavit
      Exhibit No. MRT-0010.PDF 616367  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0010
      Exhibit No. MRT-0039.PDF 601107  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0039
      Exhibit No. MRT-0013.PDF 53560  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0013
      Exhibit No. MRT-0002.PDF 905646  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0002
      Exhibit No. MRT-0021.PDF 1344829  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0021
      Exhibit No. MRT-0029.PDF 511403  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0029
      Exhibit No. MRT-0001 - Kytomaa Affidavit.PDF 133780  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0001 - Kytomaa Affidavit
      Exhibit No. MRT-0033.PDF 541600  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0033
      Exhibit No. MRT-0019.PDF 1469313  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0019
      Exhibit No. MRT-0018.PDF 527768  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0018
      Exhibit No. MRT-0022.PDF 1135256  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0022
      Exhibit No. MRT-0012.PDF 605589  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0012
      Exhibit No. MRT-0011.PDF 562086  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0011
      Exhibit No. MRT-0032.PDF 1055702  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0032
      Exhibit No. MRT-0007.PDF 822485  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0007
      Exhibit No. MRT-0035.PDF 549253  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0035
      Exhibit No. MRT-0025.PDF 48267  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0025
      Exhibit No. MRT-0014.PDF 550194  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0014
      Exhibit No. MRT-0005.PDF 242263  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0005
      Exhibit No. MRT-0034.PDF 484418  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0034
      Exhibit No. MRT-0009.PDF 1598954  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0009
      Exhibit No. MRT-0024.PDF 727705  
            Exhibit No. MRT-0024

FERC Generated PDF    
      12369932.PDF 38400