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Accession Number:   20160225-5229
Description:   Complaint to US Department of Justice, comment of Save Passamaquoddy Bay under CP07-52, et al.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      12139605.PDF 24447480  

All Mixed Format    
    0_FERC_Law_Violations.PDF 147084  
            Cover letter re complaint filed to Dept. of Justice re FERC law violations.
    001_SPB to Justice Dept.PDF 353040  
            Save Passamaquoddy Bay letter of complaint to US Department of Justice.
    01_Obama_Memo_2009jan21.PDF 178900  
            President Obama memo to Agencies instructing them to abide by FOIA.
    02_AG_Memo_to_Departments_and_Agencies_2009.PDF 197759  
            Attorney General memo to Agencies instructing them to abide by FOIA.
    03_FERC_FOIA_Memo_link.JPG 585443  
            Screenshot of FERC website that includes a link to President Obama's memo re FOIA.
    04_FOIA_RequestFormData_FOIA-2015-129_Robert_Godfrey.PDF 67704  
            Save Passamaquoddy Bay's 2015 September 28 FERC FOIA request form data.
    07-1_2015Oct27_DETERMINATION_email.PDF 135784  
            2015 Oct. 27 email from FERC FOIA office re request determination.
    07-2_2015Oct27_Email_Attachments.PDF 302888  
            FERC 2015 Oct. 27 determination letter with two highly-redacted documents.
    08_SUPPLEMENTAL RESPONSE FY15-129 Robert Godfrey.PDF 2096793  
            2015 Nov. 24 letter from FERC FOIA office after "discovering" 10 more documents.
    09_BrendaGreer_FOIA Appeal FY15-129.PDF 76366  
            2015 Dec. 1 FERC General Counsel Office email & letter responding to our FOIA appeal.
    10_FERC Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Request.PDF 2670710  
            FERC Fiscal Year 2015 Performance Report & 2017 Budget Request.
    19_Re-RobertGodfrey-Clarification-RefNumber-FOIA-11-74.PDF 204976  
            Save Passamaquoddy Bay 2011 Jul. 27 clarification to FERC FOIA, with previous email thread.
    19_Second_Request_to_Comply.PDF 86468  
            2011 Jul. 27 second request to FERC for FOIA compliance.
    21_20140805-5020(29697422).PDF 92591  
            2014 Aug. 5 FERC Environmental Justice violations.
    21_Whole Bay Study complete portfolio.PDF 11039132  
            The Whole Bay Study.
    22_Blockhouse_Cannon_Riot_and_Confederation.PDF 275521  
            The St. Andrews Historic Blockhouse & cannon, Grand Manan riot, and Canadian Confederation lesson.
    23_Passamaquoddy Tribal Objections.PDF 180124  
            Passamaquoddy Tribal Rights in the marine waterway, communiques from Chief Hugh Akagi.
    24_20140620-5008(29520319).PDF 85691  
            Passamaquoddy Tribal rights, with objections to Downeast LNG from all 3 Tribal Governments.
    26_Canada Opposes DeLNG 20130517-5139(28406474).PDF 57028  
            Canada's prohibition of LNG transits into Passamaquoddy Bay.
    28_FY16-Budget-Request.PDF 2538213  
            FERC Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request.
    29_PHMSA_49CFR_Part193_interpretation_request.PDF 163417  
            Request for PHMSA Interpretation of 49 CFR Part 193 re vapor barrier damage and LNG release.
    30_Advocate Office.PDF 84012  
            A call on FERC to finally establish an Office of Consumer Advocate and Public Participation.
            2011 Aug. 25 FERC FOIA response re FERC having no Permitting Checklist.
    31_01_FERC_abuses_stakeholder_interests.PDF 81506  
            FERC abuse of public stakeholder interests.
    31_02_FERC_Processes_for_Natural_Gas_Certificate.PDF 121625  
            FERC flowchart for Natural Gas Certificates.
    31_03_FERC_EIS_Pre-filing_Env_Review_Process.PDF 129423  
            FERC flowchart for Pre-Filing Environmental Review Process.
    32_Email from FERC General Counsel Morenoff.PDF 137244  
            FERC General Counsel email re ongoing failure to provide timely responses to stakeholder comments.
    33_01_20140605-5124(29457203).PDF 163287  
            Indictment of FERC Downeast LNG EIS: rife with omissions, prevarications, and speculations.
    33_02_20140605-5124(29457204).PDF 2309930  
            Graphic of Downeast LNG ship hazard zones approaching, and at, Robbinston.
    33_03_20140605-5124(29457205).PDF 3093775  
            Graphic of Downeast LNG ship hazard zones at Pleasant Point and Eastport.
    33_04_20140605-5124(29457206).PDF 2531055  
            Graphic of Downeast LNG ship hazard zones along west side of Campobello Island.
    33_05_20140605-5124(29457207).PDF 2180144  
            Graphic of Downeast LNG ship hazard zones along Roosevelt Campobello International Park's west side.
    33_06_20140605-5124(29457208).JPG 284201  
            Panoramic photosimulation of proposed Downeast LNG vapor fence along highway US-1.
    33_07_20140625-5010(29539739).PDF 143087  
            Rebuttal to EIS Appendices: FERC speculations, omissions, obfuscations, errors, and open bias.
    33_08_20140625-5010(29539740).PDF 291107  
            "Risk analysis based LNG facility siting standard in NFPA 59A" journal article.
    33_09_20140625-5010(29539741).PDF 125306  
            Canaport LNG webpage screenshot re sendout capacity.
    33_10_20140625-5010(29539742).PDF 118570  
            Canaport LNG webpage screenshot re supplying New England.
    34_20141014-5108(29845120).PDF 87873  
            Applicant's docket comment error was corrected by FERC as proxy for the applicant.
    35_20151020-5031(30964087).PDF 118944  
            FERC misleads public by omitting large portion of project area, and makes no correction.
    35_20151020-5031(30964088).PDF 191883  
            Graphic of Downeast LNG's actual project area as supplied by the applicant.
    35_20151020-5031(30964089).PDF 1440480  
            FERC's 2015 October project update brochure, showing incomplete project area.
    Illustration 1.PDF 137359  
            Comparison of 2015 Aug. 3 FERC document posted to public docket vs. FOIA response.
    Illustration 2.PDF 150779  
            Comparison of 2015 Sep. 14 FERC document posted to public docket vs. FOIA response.