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Accession Number:   20141216-5051
Description:   Motion to intervene and request for extension of filing deadline, by WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. under CP15-17.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      2014-11-17--wwals-gwc-to-ferc-long.PDF 3817310  
            WWALS filing including Georgia Water Coalition Dirty Dozen Item #9, accession number 20141117-5041
      2014-11-05--dougherty-county-resolution-filed-ferc.PDF 4459338  
            Dougherty County, Georgia Resolution 14-019, accession number 20141105-0025, page 2 interpolated
      2014-08-19--hamilton-county-resolution-14-10.PDF 3397196  
            Hamilton County, Florida Resolution 14-10
      2014-03-03--carroll.PDF 6724  
            Letter from Valdosta City Council Tim Carroll to FERC, accession number 20140303-5005
      2013-12-04--langdale.PDF 1108331  
            Letter from Bill Langdale to Hunton & Williams on behalf of Larry Rodgers Investments
      2014-12-11--valdosta-resolution.PDF 1046759  
            Valdosta, Georgia resolution
      2013-11-26--calvert.PDF 965034  
            Letter from Matthew J. Calvert of Hunton & Williams to Larry Rodgers Investments
      2014-11-13--terrell-county-resolution.PDF 59382  
            Terrell County, Georgia resolution, accession number 20141113-5035
      2014-03-04--colquitt-county-resolution.PDF 30670  
            Colquitt County, Georgia Resolution 2014-R-6
      2014-12-16--wwals-motion-intervene-cp15-17.PDF 236632  
            Motion to intervene
      2014-12-09--lowndes-county-resolution.PDF 8430  
            Lowndes County, Georgia resolution, accession number 20141121-5242
      2013-11-18--wwals-prefiling-motion.PDF 9019  
            WWALS pre-filing motion, accession number 20131118-5008
      2014-10-28--albany-resolution.PDF 118353  
            Albany, Georgia Resolution 14-R 175

FERC Generated PDF    
      11829558.PDF 15272339