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Accession Number:   20200420-5207
Description:   Request for Rehearing of Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, et. al., and Exhibits A-G, of the March 19, 2020 Order under CP17-494, et. al..

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      13022721.PDF 11899198  

All Mixed Format    
    State Intervenors Rehearing Request.DOC 268288  
            No description given
    Exhibit A - Joint Public Notice 22 May 2018.PDF 8052470  
            No description given
    Exhibit B - DEQ Letter to Corps 22 June 2018.PDF 1061393  
            No description given
    Exhibit C - Letter from Corps to DEQ 3 July 2018.PDF 500135  
            No description given
    Exhibit D - David Evans Letter to DEQ 13 Dec 2017.PDF 104399  
            No description given
    Exhibit E - Letter from David Evans to DEQ 6 Feb 2018.PDF 112076  
            No description given
    Exhibit F - Stationary Source Air Emissions Table.PDF 459015  
            No description given
    Exhibit G - 2018 GHG Facility Emissions (DEQ).PDF 625619  
            No description given