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Accession Number:   20190118-5151
Description:   Reply of the Utah Board of Water Resources and Washington County Water Conservancy District to Comments, Recommendations, and Preliminary Terms and Conditions under P-12966.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      ATT G - Economic Analysis.PDF 711575  
            Attachment G
      ATT B - LPP Exhibit E Revisions 2 of 3.PDF 45772407  
            Attachment B - 2 of 3
      ATT A - AZDEQ CWA Section 401 WQC.PDF 292548  
            Attachment A
      ATT B - LPP Exhibit E Revisions 1 of 3.PDF 47314741  
            Attachment B - 1 of 3
      ATT F - Revised Responses to BLM and NPS.PDF 1882414  
            Attachment F
      ATT C - Water Needs Assessment Update.PDF 11171145  
            Attachment C
      ATT B - LPP Exhibit E Revisions 3 of 3.PDF 37556875  
            Attachment B - 3 of 3
      ATT D - Water Conservation Program Comparison.PDF 870555  
            Attachment D
      ATT E - Agricultural Water Conversion.PDF 10548587  
            Attachment E
      2019-01-18 UBWR_WCWCD Reply.PDF 378921  
            No description given

FERC Generated PDF    
      12766166.PDF 17785