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Accession Number:   20180205-5151
Description:   Answer of Sierra Club in Opposition to Applicants' Request for Expedited Issuance of Order on Remand Reissuing Certificates, or in the Alternative, Abbreviated Application for Temporary Emergency Certificates under CP14-554-000, et. al.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      Ex 1-Response to Petitions for Rehearing.PDF 611525  
            Ex. 1 Sierra Club Response to Petition for Rehearing
      Response to Sabal Trail request_2-5-18.PDF 60478  
            Sierra Club Answer in Opposition to Applicants' Request
      Ex 4-STT Index of customers.PDF 109915  
            Ex. 4 Index of Customers
      Ex 3-operational capacity.PDF 121540  
            Ex. 3 Pipeline Operational Capacity
      Ex 2-Sierra Club Supp. Response to Rehearing Petitions.PDF 347751  
            Ex. 2 Supplemental Response to Petitions for Rehearing

FERC Generated PDF    
      12569290.PDF 1302943