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Accession Number:   20171023-5356
Description:   Comments of FirstEnergy Service Company et al. in Support of the Grid Reliability and Resilience Pricing Notice of Proposed Rulemaking under RM18-1.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      Exhibits 23-33.PDF 21289137  
            FirstEnergy Exhibits 23 to 33
      Exhibit 1 - Answers to FERC Questions.PDF 276343  
            FirstEnergy Exhibit 1 - Answers to Commission Staff Questions
      Exhibits 9-18.PDF 18505118  
            FirstEnergy Exhibits 9 to 18
      FirstEnergy Comments in Support of NOPR.PDF 711709  
            Comments of FirstEnergy Service Company et al. in Support of the Proposed Rule
      Exhibits 3-8 - All Affidavits.PDF 20572976  
            FirstEnergy Exhibits 3 to 8 - Expert Affidavits
      Exhibit 2 - RSR Provisions and Agreement.PDF 273440  
            FirstEnergy Exhibit 2 - Pro Forma Resiliency Support Resource Tariff Provisions and Agreement
      Exhibits 19-22.PDF 26112249  
            FirstEnergy Exhibits 19 to 22
      Exhibits 66-79.PDF 8312457  
            FirstEnergy Exhibits 66 to 79
      Exhibits 34-65.PDF 17036286  
            FirstEnergy Exhibits 34 to 65

FERC Generated PDF    
      12510758.PDF 116606501