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Accession Number:   20161130-4002
Description:   Final Environmental Impact Statement for the NEXUS Gas Transmission Project and Texas Eastern Appalachian Lease Project under CP16-22 et al.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      6 Appendices F-Q.PDF 39013646  
      3 Appendices E1-E4.PDF 22797348  
      1 Final Environmental Impact Statement.PDF 21883226  
      2 Appendices A-D.PDF 36213732  
      5 Appendix E5 Part 2.PDF 33613829  
      4 Appendix E5 Part 1.PDF 34047524  
      8 Appendix R Part 2.PDF 42940860  
      10 Appendix R Part 4.PDF 49773606  
      7 Appendix R Part 1.PDF 45254731  
      9 Appendix R Part 3.PDF 50657583  

FERC Generated PDF    
      12316548.PDF 23890