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Accession Number:   20151221-5289
Description:   Comment of Intervenor Cooks Creek Watershed Association under CP15-558.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      12095749.PDF 27051963  

All Mixed Format    
    12-21-15 CCWA Comment Letter to FERC.PDF 53192  
            Comment Letter of Cooks Creek Watershed Association
    Cooks Creek Watershed - Wetlands Management Plan.PDF 5671954  
            Cooks Creek Watershed - Wetlands Management Plan
    Watershed Report.PDF 16633526  
            Cooks Creek Watershed Conservation Plan
    Selected Appendices to Watershed Report - Apps. A, B, E.PDF 852518  
            Selected Appendices to Cooks Creek Watershed Conservation Plan - Apps. A, B, and E
    Appendix D.PDF 813524  
            Selected Appendices to Cooks Creek Watershed Conservation Plan - App. D
    Table5-Subbasin-geo-area.XLS 104448  
            Table 5 to Appendix D
    Table6-Sloto-BaseFlow.XLS 16384  
            Table 6 to Appendix D
    Table7-Sloto-BaseFlow-Ratio.XLS 15360  
            Table 7 to Appendix D
    Table9-Well-Water-Quality-PaDCNR-Database.XLS 64512  
            Table 9 to Appendix D
    USGS Potential Envtl Impacts of Quarrying Stone in Karst.PDF 2978893  
            USGS Document Cited in Comment Letter
    Brook Trout Study Identifies Top Climate Change Pres.PDF 199379  
            Trout and Climate Change Article Cited in Letter