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Accession Number:   20150910-5011
Description:   Exhibits S-1 to S-30 for Citizens Against LNG, Inc/Jody McCaffree Comments filed earlier on 9-9-2015 under CP13-483, et. al. (Comments and Exhibits A to R filed separately)

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      021FERC_ExbS1_McCaffree.PDF 82114  
            Exhibit S-1
      021FERC_CALNG-McCaffree_Index-for-Exhibits_9-9-2015.PDF 396500  
            CALNG-McCaffree Index for Exhibits (Comments and Exb A to R filied separately)
      021FERC_ExbS10_McCaffree.PDF 74589  
            Exhibit S-10
      021FERC_ExbS9_McCaffree.PDF 1503734  
            Exhibit S-9
      021FERC_ExbS28_McCaffree.PDF 3582289  
            Exhibit S-28
      021FERC_ExbS27_McCaffree.PDF 177957  
            Exhibit S-27
      021FERC_ExbS8_McCaffree.PDF 381050  
            Exhibit S-8
      021FERC_ExbS15_McCaffree.PDF 928714  
            Exhibit S-15
      021FERC_ExbS6_McCaffree.PDF 395625  
            Exhibit S-6
      021FERC_ExbS20_McCaffree.PDF 151678  
            Exhibit S-20
      021FERC_ExbS2_SIGTTO-Report-June2004.PDF 2799506  
            Exhibit S-2
      021FERC_ExbS16_McCaffree.PDF 1549156  
            Exhibit S-16
      021FERC_ExbS19_McCaffree.PDF 291939  
            Exhibit S-19
      021FERC_ExbS3_McCaffree.PDF 2315619  
            Exhibit S-3
      021FERC_ExbS7_McCaffree.PDF 20193457  
            Exhibit S-7
      021FERC_ExbS5_McCaffree.PDF 1703159  
            Exhibit S-5
      021FERC_ExbS22_McCaffree.PDF 342304  
            Exhibit S-22
      021FERC_ExbS17_McCaffree.PDF 109482  
            Exhibit S-17
      021FERC_ExbS29_McCaffree.PDF 309568  
            Exhibit S-29
      021FERC_ExbS11_McCaffree.PDF 161133  
            Exhibit S-11
      021FERC_ExbS23_McCaffree.PDF 725440  
            Exhibit S-23
      021FERC_ExbS30_McCaffree.PDF 704837  
            Exhibit S-30
      021FERC_ExbS14_McCaffree.PDF 209067  
            Exhibit S-14
      021FERC_ExbS24_McCaffree.PDF 366128  
            Exhibit S-24
      021FERC_CERTIFICATE-OF-SERVICE_9-9-2015.PDF 83012  
            Certificate of Service
      021FERC_ExbS25_McCaffree.PDF 856563  
            Exhibit S-25
      021FERC_ExbS18_McCaffree.PDF 2037818  
            Exhibit S-18
      021FERC_ExbS12_McCaffree.PDF 547462  
            Exhibit S-12
      021FERC_ExbS13_McCaffree.PDF 239777  
            Exhibit S-13
      021FERC_ExbS4_DOE_LNG_Safety_Research_Report.PDF 867411  
            Exhibit S-4
      021FERC_ExbS21_McCaffree.PDF 7916  
            Exhibit S-21
      021FERC_ExbS26_McCaffree.PDF 1208285  
            Exhibit S-26

FERC Generated PDF    
      12024555.PDF 40908957