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Accession Number:   20141121-5112
Description:   Keryn Newman and Alison Haverty submit Direct and Answering Testimony and Exhibits in Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline, Docket Nos. ER09-1256-002 and ER12-2708-003

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      11813153.PDF 38807427  

All Mixed Format    
    1 of 20 Cover Letter & Exhibit List.PDF 222174  
            Transmittal Letter for Direct and Answering Testimony on behalf of Keryn Newman and Alison Haverty
    2 of 20 Newman Testimony Ex NH-1.PDF 546734  
            Direct and Answering Testimony of Keryn Newman, Ex. NH-1
    3 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-2 through NH-11.PDF 3014606  
            Newman Exhibits NH-2 through NH-11
    4 of 20 Newman Exhibit NH-12.xls .XLS 41472  
            Newman Exhibit NH-12
    5 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-13 through NH-30.PDF 11703443  
            Newman Exhibits NH-13 through NH-30
    6 of 20 Newman Exhibit NH-31.XLS 41472  
            Newman Exhibit NH-31
    7 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-32 through NH-38.PDF 4609645  
            Newman Exhibits NH-32 through NH-38
    8 of 20 Newman Exhibit NH-39.XLSX 50015  
            Newman Exhibit NH-39
    9 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-40 through NH-48.PDF 1360470  
            Newman Exhibits NH-40 through NH-48
    10 of 20 Newman Exhibit NH-49.XLSX 49427  
            Newman Exhibit NH-49
    11 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-50 thruogh NH-51.PDF 612513  
            Newman Exhibits NH-50 through NH-51
    12 of 20 Newman Exhibit NH-52.XLSX 60729  
            Newman Exhibit NH-52
    13 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-53 through NH-54.PDF 13436328  
            Newman Exhibits NH-53 through NH-54
    14 of 20 Newman Exhibit NH-55.XLSX 49248  
            Newman Exhibit NH-55
    15 of 20 Newman Exhibits NH-56 through NH-58.PDF 1976284  
            Newman Exhibits NH-56 through NH-58
    16 of 20 Kaplan Testimony & Exhibits NH-59 through 62.PDF 416620  
            Direct Testimony and Exhibits of Douglas Kaplan, Ex. NH-59 through 62
    17 of 20 Haverty Testimony Ex NH-63.PDF 336235  
            Direct and Answering Testimony of Alison Haverty, Ex. NH-63
    18 of 20 Haverty Exhibit NH-64.XLSX 58517  
            Haverty Exhibit NH-64
    19 of 20 Haverty Exhibits NH-65 through NH-66.PDF 1428517  
            Haverty Exhibits NH-65 through NH-66
    20 of 20 Haverty Exhibit NH-67.XLSX 56306  
            Haverty Exhibit NH-67