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Accession Number:   20140228-4001
Description:   Final Environmental Impact Statement regarding the Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project et al under CP13-36 et al. Dated February 2014.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      Volume I_Appendix Q_General Conformity.PDF 1179362  
      Volume I_Appendix F_SPCC Plan.PDF 689447  
      Volume I_Appendix N_IHA Request.PDF 3154860  
      Volume I_Appendix D_Eros. Cntrl Plan.PDF 645613  
      Volume I_Appendix E_Procedures.PDF 615554  
      Volume I_Cover and Spine.PDF 273328  
      Volume I_Appendix G_Spill Plans.PDF 678345  
      Volume I_Appendix K_Phase II Site Invest.PDF 642432  
      Volume II_Comment Responses_Part1.PDF 33067051  
      Volume I_Section 2_Proposed Action_Part2.PDF 24269531  
      Volume I_Appendix H_HDD Mon & Cont Plan.PDF 568709  
      Volume II_Comment Responses_Part3.PDF 34693144  
      Volume I_Section 1_Introduction.PDF 7870377  
      Volume I_Letter to the Parties.PDF 132565  
      Volume I_Appendix C_Pipe Route & HDD Figures.PDF 17638586  
      Volume I_Appendix T_Index.PDF 134565  
      Volume I_Table of Contents.PDF 307414  
      Volume I_Appendix R_References & Contacts.PDF 248187  
      Volume I_Appendix J_Geotech Invst.PDF 2286639  
      Volume I_Executive Summary.PDF 192871  
      Volume I_Section 4_Env. Analysis_Part2.PDF 25074556  
      Volume I_Section 2_Proposed Action_Part1.PDF 42215947  
      Volume I_Appendix O_Sediment Modeling Report.PDF 10522984  
      Volume II_Comment Responses_Part2.PDF 49585927  
      Volume I_Appendix S_List of Preparers.PDF 267998  
      Volume I_Appendix M_Sum 2009 Offshore Smplng.PDF 1766999  
      Volume I_Appendix B_BQI Neg Declaration.PDF 197601  
      Volume I_Section 4_Env. Analysis_Part1.PDF 42129923  
      Volume I_Section 5_Conclusions.PDF 429526  
      Volume I_Appendix I_Fall 2010 Offshore Sampling.PDF 1261930  
      Volume I_Appendix A_Distribution List.PDF 241158  
      Volume I_Appendix P_ Outreach Plan.PDF 1611078  
      Volume I_Section 3_Alternatives.PDF 8376613  
      Volume I_Appendix L_Unanticipated Disc of Cont.PDF 667876  

FERC Generated PDF    
      11644891.PDF 74985