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Accession Number:   20131230-5208
Description:   LNG Development Company, LLC (d/b/a Oregon LNG) and Oregon Pipeline Company, LLC submit their Applicant-Prepared Draft Biological Assessment and Essential Fish Habitat Assessment under CP09-6, et al.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      App_15_SummaryofPotentialEffects.PDF 157998  
            15 Summary of Potential Effects
      App_2A_DredgeMaterialCharRpt_Sept_08.PDF 1114908  
            2A Dredge Material Char Report
      App_1_Hydrodynamic_Modeling_Report.PDF 9357095  
            1 Hydrodynamic Modeling Report
      App_2B_DMMP.PDF 4240366  
            2B DMMP
      App_7_ConceptualMitigationPlan.PDF 19916025  
            7 Conceptual Mitigation Plan
      App_9_CoastGuardLetterandRecencyReview.PDF 1962304  
            9 Coast Guard Letter and Recency Review
      App_6D_Riparian_Habitats.PDF 81732  
            6D Riparian Habitats
      App_11_Estimate_of_Whale_Strikes.PDF 202836  
            11 Estimate of Whale Strikes
      App_6B_LandslideDebrisFlowTM.PDF 279910  
            6B Landslide Debris Flow TM
      OLNG_BA_Figures_all.PDF 34156271  
            OLNG BA Figures - all
      App_3_DelugeSystemTM.PDF 1711988  
            3 Deluge System TM
      App_6E_WaterbodiesCrossedbyPipeline.PDF 122721  
            6E Waterbodies Crossed by Pipeline
      App_13_NSOandMMDocumentation.PDF 37625664  
            13 NSO and MM Documentation
      OLNG-Applicant Prepared Draft BA.PDF 2031433  
            OLNG-Applicant Prepared Draft Biological Assessment
      App_4_AerialMapsandCrossSections.PDF 19021396  
            4 Aerial Maps and Cross Sections
      App_2C_Fish_Salvage_Plan.PDF 437089  
            2C Fish Salvage Plan
      App_8_UnderwaterNoise.PDF 290251  
            8 Underwater Noise
      App_5_AccessRoads.PDF 6576100  
            5 Access Roads
      App_10_Deforestation_Impacts.PDF 111047  
            10 Deforestation Impacts
      OLNG BA Transmittal.PDF 19473  
            OLNG BA Transmittal
      App_6C_303d_StreamsCrossedByPipeline.PDF 137041  
            6C 303d Streams Crossed By Pipeline
      App_14_RarePlantSurveys.PDF 8745525  
            App 14 Rare Plant Surveys
      App_12_SpeciesExcluded.PDF 163887  
            12 Species Excluded
      App_6A_StreamRestoration.PDF 23403535  
            6A Stream Restoration

FERC Generated PDF    
      11609215.PDF 172641404