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Accession Number:   20110616-5012
Description:   Comment of CITY OF JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY under CP11-56.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      JCfercltr152011.PDF 99961  
            Cover Letter
      Jersey City Additional Comments 06152011.PDF 6341609  
            Comments of Jersey City
      Apdx 1 - MUA Comments on Existing Infrastructure1.PDF 524827  
            Appendix 1 - JCMUA Report
      110615 Boswell Report.PDF 1023088  
            Appendix 2 - Boswell Engineering Report
      Apdx 3 - OEM simulation Final.PDF 7844154  
            Appendix 3 - OEM Memo

FERC Generated PDF    
      11106855.PDF 15651033