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Accession Number:   20091008-5007
Description:   Comments of Jody McCaffree/Citizens Against LNG Re; Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector Filing under CP07-441, et. al.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      10754601.PDF 3913839  

All Mixed Format    
    03FEISJordanCoveComment.DOC 42496  
            Comments of Jody McCaffree/Citizens Against LNG Re; Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector Filing
    03FEISJordanCoveExbA.DOC 22016  
            Exhibit A
    03FEISJordanCoveExbB.DOC 28672  
            Exhibit B
    03FEISJordanCoveExbC.DOC 19968  
            Exhibit C
    03FEISJordanCoveExbD.DOC 1902592  
            Exhibit D
    03FEISJordanCoveExbE.DOC 21504  
            Exhibit E
    03FEISJordanCoveExbF.DOC 27648  
            Exhibit F
    03ResOreStateLandBoard.PDF 259707  
            Resolution - State Land Board of Oregon
    03ResDouglasCountyNews.DOC 28672  
            Resolution - Douglas County News Info
    03ResJacksonCountyComm.PDF 8857  
            Resolution - Jackson County Commission
    03ResJacksonCountyNews.DOC 48128  
            Resolution - Jackson County News Info
    03ResCityofSanFrancisco.DOC 25088  
            Resolution - City of San Francisco
    03ResCityofCanyonville.PDF 77846  
            Resolution - Canyonville City Council
    03ResCityofCoosBay.PDF 83522  
            Resolution - City of Coos Bay
    03ResCityofShadyCove.PDF 456400  
            Resolution - City of Shady Cove
    03ResCityofShadyCoveNews.DOC 30720  
            Resolution - City of Shady Cove News Info
    03ResOldFerryRoadCom.PDF 2402487  
            Resolution - Old Ferry Road Committee - Shady Cove
    03ResConfederatedTribes.PDF 169914  
            Resolutions - Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians
    03ResOreStateDems2008.DOC 20992  
            Resolution - State Democratic Party of Oregon 2008
    03ResCoosCountyDems.DOC 23040  
            Resolution - Coos County Democratic Central Committee
    03ResKlamathCountyDems.DOC 22016  
            Resolution - Klamath County Democratic Central Committee
    03ResBentonCountyDems.DOC 20992  
            Resolution - Benton County Democratic Central Committee
    03ResCalifSierraClub.PDF 57458  
            Resolution - California Sierra Club
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