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Accession Number:   20081205-5014
Description:   Comments Exhibits T through EE for Jody McCaffree, Executive Director, Citizens Against LNG in Ref to Dec 4th Comment Letter previously uploaded Regarding Jordan Cove Energy/Pacific Connector Project under CP07-441, et. al.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      10573072.PDF 21701856  

All Mixed Format    
    01DEISJordanCoveComRef.DOC 59904  
            Reference Index for Exhibits re: Jody McCaffree letter of Dec 4th, 2008
    01DEISJordanCoveExbT.PDF 5096238  
            Exhibit T
    01DEISJordanCoveExbU1.PDF 4804583  
            Exhibit U-1
    01DEISJordanCoveExbU2.DOC 48128  
            Exhibit U-2
    01DEISJordanCoveExbV.PDF 8589957  
            Exhibit V
    01DEISJordanCoveExbW.DOC 683520  
            Exhibit W
    01DEISJordanCoveExbX.PDF 87699  
            Exhibit X
    01DEISJordanCoveExbY.DOC 35840  
            Exhibit Y
    01DEISJordanCoveExbZ.DOC 3255296  
            Exhibit Z
    01DEISJordanCoveExbAA.PDF 859078  
            Exhibit AA
    01DEISJordanCoveExbBB.DOC 22528  
            Exhibit BB
    01DEISJordanCoveExbCC.PDF 121533  
            Exhibit CC
    01DEISJordanCoveExbDD.DOC 42496  
            Exhibit DD
    01DEISJordanCoveExbEE.DOC 207360  
            Exhibit EE