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Accession Number:   20081204-5117
Description:   Comment Exhibits A through S-16 for Jody McCaffree, Executive Director, Citizens Against LNG in Ref to Dec 4th Comment Letter previously uploaded Regarding Jordan Cove Energy / Pacific Connector Project under CP07-441 et. al..

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      10572960.PDF 20314063  

All Mixed Format    
    01DEISJordanCoveComRef.DOC 59904  
            Reference Index for Exhibits re: Jody McCaffree letter of Dec 4th, 2008
    01DEISJordanCoveExbA.DOC 115200  
            Exhibit A
    01DEISJordanCoveExbB.DOC 31232  
            Exhibit B
    01DEISJordanCoveExbC.DOC 69120  
            Exhibit C
    01DEISJordanCoveExbD.DOC 157184  
            Exhibit D
    01DEISJordanCoveExbE.DOC 1894912  
            Exhibit E
    01DEISJordanCoveExbF.DOC 22016  
            Exhibit F
    01DEISJordanCoveExbG.DOC 2627584  
            Exhibit G
    01DEISJordanCoveExbH.PDF 416758  
            Exhibit H
    01DEISJordanCoveExbI.PDF 176868  
            Exhibit I
    01DEISJordanCoveExbJ.DOC 33280  
            Exhibit J
    01DEISJordanCoveExbK.DOC 22016  
            Exhibit K
    01DEISJordanCoveExbL.PDF 176791  
            Exhibit L
    01DEISJordanCoveExbM.PDF 1328323  
            Exhibit M
    01DEISJordanCoveExbN.DOC 30208  
            Exhibit N
    01DEISJordanCoveExbO.DOC 25600  
            Exhibit O
    01DEISJordanCoveExbP.DOC 30720  
            Exhibit P
    01DEISJordanCoveExbQ.DOC 28672  
            Exhibit Q
    01DEISJordanCoveExbR.DOC 49664  
            Exhibit R
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS1.PDF 6488681  
            Exhibit S-1
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS2.PDF 2315619  
            Exhibit S-2
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS3.PDF 1503734  
            Exhibit S-3
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS4.PDF 74589  
            Exhibit S-4
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS5.PDF 161133  
            Exhibit S-5
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS6.PDF 547462  
            Exhibit S-6
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS7.PDF 239777  
            Exhibit S-7
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS8.PDF 209067  
            Exhibit S-8
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS9.PDF 928714  
            Exhibit S-9
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS10.PDF 1549156  
            Exhibit S-10
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS11.PDF 109482  
            Exhibit S-11
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS12.PDF 2037818  
            Exhibit S-12
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS13.PDF 291939  
            Exhibit S-13
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS14.DOC 39424  
            Exhibit S-14
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS15.DOC 22016  
            Exhibit S-15
    01DEISJordanCoveExbS16.DOC 40448  
            Exhibit S-16