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Accession Number:   20080626-5001
Description:   Comments of Jody McCaffree, Executive Director, Citizens Against LNG, Inc re Jordan Cove Energy Project, LP and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, LP under CP07-444, et. al.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      10483633.PDF 8835167  

FERC Generated PDF    
      10483633.PDF 8835160  

All Mixed Format    
    12JordanCoveEnergyComment.DOC 36864  
            Letter from Jody McCaffree expressing concerns regarding Jordan Cove / Pacific Connector Filing
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbA.DOC 35840  
            Exhibit A
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbB.DOC 45056  
            Exhibit B
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbC.DOC 25088  
            Exhibit C
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbD.PDF 210674  
            Exhibit D
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbE.DOC 27648  
            Exhibit E
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbF.DOC 1484288  
            Exhibit F
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbG.PDF 8053808  
            Exhibit G
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbH.DOC 28160  
            Exhibit H
    12JordanCoveEnergyExbI.DOC 38400  
            Exhibit I
            Certificate of Service