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Accession Number:   20061018-5056
Description:   Forest Service preliminary Section 4(e) conditions and 10(a) recommendations, Rationale Report, Agency/NGO Alternative, and Administrative Record Index for Upper American River Project under P-2101.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      CoverLetterUARP.PDF 35473  
            Letter transmitting preliminary Forest Service 4(e) Conditions for Upper American River Project
      Enclosure1.PDF 3345740  
            Forest Service preliminary conditions and recommendations.
      Enclosure2.PDF 2005700  
            Rationale Report for preliminary conditions and recommendations.
      Enclosure4.PDF 4633528  
            Agency/NGO Alternative
      Enclosure5.PDF 333749  
            Administrative Record Index

FERC Generated PDF    
      wmef200610185056.PDF 10317879