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Accession Number:   20061001-5001
Description:   Report on Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts of LNG Terminals on the Whole Passamaquoddy Bay (The Whole Bay Study), comment of Save Passamaquoddy Bay on Filing under PF06-11.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      4-WholeBayStudy.PDF 859078  
            The Whole Bay Study.
      3-SUMMARY_QA.PDF 59914  
            Summary of the Whole Bay Study.
      6-Appendix-A_Maps_11-19.PDF 6558383  
            Whole Bay Study Appendix A Maps 11-19.
      1-Letter.PDF 86274  
            Cover letter.
      2-COPYRIGHT_NOTICE.PDF 27570  
            Copyright notice.
      5-Appendix-A_Maps_1-10.PDF 2929420  
            Whole Bay Study Appendix A Maps 1-10.
      7-Appendices_B-F.PDF 328687  
            Whole Bay Study Appendices B-F.

FERC Generated PDF    
      wmef200610015001.PDF 10918146