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Accession Number:   20060419-5092
Description:   Comments under PF06-13. 3 endangered species and marine birds will be impacted by the passage of LNG tankersthrough Quoddy, Head Harbour Pass. , Western Pass., Passamquoddy Bay, etc.

  Type   File Name Size  
All Doc    
      MarineBirdLNG.DOC 301568  
            Head Harbour Passage is listed as "globally significant" for marine birds. traffic. Impacts expected
      MarineMammalsLNG.DOC 122880  
            3 endangered and listed species will be impacted by increased shipping through Head Harbour Passage.
      BorderSecurityLNG.DOC 53248  
            A port on the ME side of Passamaquoddy Bay with foreign ships & crews will be a security nightmare

FERC Generated PDF    
      wmef200604195092.PDF 431579