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Accession Number:   20060303-0182
Description:   Downeast LNG, Inc submits the Public Vol I of the Summary Report of Alternatives Considered and Under Consideration re its proposed LNG import terminal and associated pipeline under PF06-13. LARGE FORMATS ONLY.

  Type   File Name Size  
All Large Format  
  Page 83   Alternate 1 Long Trestle 521565
  Page 84   Alternative 2A Trestle With Dredge Trestle With Dredge Trestle Length 1000' Less Than Alternative 1 598799
  Page 85   Alternative 2B Trestle With Dredge Trestle Length 500' Less than Alternative 572781
  Page 87   Alternative 2C Trestle With Dredge Trestle Length 100' Less Than Alternative 1 541031
  Page 88   Alternative 3 Sea Island 513121