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Accession Number:   20051110-4000
Description:   Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Upper North Fork Feather River Project under P-2105.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      p-2105 FEIS section 7 List of Preparers.PDF 24809  
      p-2105FEIS Appendix - A Settlement Agreement.PDF 724583  
      p-2105 FEIS section 5 Staffs Conclusions.PDF 200094  
      p-2105 FEIS section 2 Proposed Action and Alternatives.PDF 70439  
      p-2105FEISAppendix C - Responses to DEIS Comments.PDF 190236  
      p-2105FEISAppendix B - FS 4e Conditions.PDF 345676  
      p-2105FEISAppendix E - Water Temp Analysis Details.PDF 32016  
      p-2105 FEIS section 1 Purpose and Need.PDF 442205  
      p-2105 EIS toc.PDF 40984  
      p-2105 FEIS Exec SUMMARY.PDF 39094  
      p-2105 FEIS section 8 List of Recipients.PDF 49650  
      p-2105 FEIS section 3 Environmental Analysis.PDF 1689866  
      p-2105 FEIS section 6 Literature Cited.PDF 67668  
      p-2105 coverletter.PDF 32844  
      p-2105 FEIS section 4 Developmental Analysis.PDF 98808  
      p-2105FEISAppendix D - Water Temp Measures Screening.PDF 116090