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Accession Number:   20050610-4000
Description:   Final Environmental Impact Statement regarding Ingleside Energy Center LNG Terminal and Pipeline Project under CP05-13 et al.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      Section05_Conclusions and Recommendations.PDF 160105  
      Section03_Alternatives.PDF 197866  
      Oxy FEIS CD App A EIS Distrtibution List_05_23_05.PDF 49406  
      Section00_Table of Contents.PDF 116823  
      Section01_Introduction.PDF 127866  
      Section000_Executive Summary.PDF 110594  
      Oxy FEIS CD App C NIP placeholder page for Figures.PDF 5613  
      01_Cover Letter.PDF 95896  
      Oxy FEIS CD App I Subject Index_05_25_05.PDF 23208  
      Oxy FEIS CD App F References adn Contacts_05_24_05.PDF 22098  
      App H_001A - Fed_State Agencies Comment Letters_05_23_05.PDF 8997208  
      Section04_Environmental Analysis.PDF 851668  
      Oxy FEIS CD App G List of Preparers_051705.PDF 11680  
      Oxy FEIS CD App B EFH Assessment_05_23_05.PDF 168163  
      Section02_Description of the Proposed Action.PDF 597583  
      App H_006PM - Public Meeting_Comment Letters_051905_LHF.PDF 5928575  
      Oxy FEIS CD App H Fly Sheet_051005.PDF 8952  
      Oxy FEIS CD App D EWS Table D-1_040505.PDF 12848  
      App H_004CO - Companies_Orgs_Comment Letterss_051905_LHF.PDF 7432356  
      Oxy FEIS CD App E WL Mitigation Plan.PDF 854753  
      App H_003M - Municipalities Comment Letters_ 051005_LHF.PDF 1937111  
      IS CD App H_005I - Individuals__Comment Letters_05_24_05.PDF 3416795  
      2R - Fed_State_Reps_Officials_Comment Letters 051005_LHF.PDF 1530626