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Accession Number:   20120224-5100
Description:   Save Passamaquoddy Bay states Calais LNG has no standing in FERC permitting, and supplies EIA data contradicting Calais LNG's statement that constructing natural gas pipelines to increase supply in New England is impossible, under CP10-31-000, et. al.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      11251014.PDF 4866925  

All Mixed Format    
    1_SPB2FERC_CLNG_2012Feb24.PDF 4033205  
            SPB challenges Calais LNG statement re impossibility of constructing natural gas pipelines.
    2_EIA_Natural_Gas_Pipeline_Projects.XLS 792576  
            EIA natural gas pipeline projects listing for 1997 to present.
    3_EIA_Northeast_Projects.XLS 14595072  
            In-progress 28 new Northeast natural gas pipeline projects listing.