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Accession Number:   20120217-5106
Description:   Save Passamaquoddy Bay again asks FERC to dismiss Calais LNG permitting for lack of standing under CP10-32, et. al..

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      2010-08-12_BEP2CLNG.PDF 108197  
            Maine BEP grants a limited-time extension for Calais LNG to obtain new financing.
      2010-11-23_CLNG2BEP.PDF 130436  
            Calais LNG claims to be in negotiations with landowners, admits applications could be dismissed.
      2010-12-14_CLNG_withdrawal_BEP_1.PDF 73317  
            Calais LNG blames the national economy for having to withdraw from state permitting.
      2010-11-17_Carothers_TRI.PDF 434896  
            Property owners notify BEP that Calais LNG has no title, right, or interest in the property.
      2010-12-16_BEP_accepted_withdrawal.PDF 159746  
            Maine BEP accepts Calais LNG's withdrawal from permitting.
      2010-12-02_CLNG2BEP.PDF 86386  
            Calais LNG claims project is under new management, claims TRI will be established by 2011 Feb 15.
      2010-12-17_SPB_comment2FERC.PDF 118782  
            Previous Save Passamaquoddy Bay request that FERC dismiss Calais LNG for lack of standing.
      2010-07-14_BEP2CLNG.PDF 115302  
            Maine BEP upbraids Calais LNG for requesting hearing postponement.
      1_SPB_comment_2012-02-17.PDF 166550  
            Save Passamaquoddy Bay letter asking FERC to dismiss Calais LNG from permitting.
      2010-12-17_CLNG2FERC.PDF 90181  
            Calais LNG claims progress in attracting investment, in negotiations with landowner.
      2010-09-13_CLNG2BEP.PDF 93263  
            Calais LNG claims to have two interested investors, requesting another 30-day extension.

FERC Generated PDF    
      11248478.PDF 1528849