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Accession Number:   20100311-5031
Description:   Downeast LNG, Inc., et. al. Information is pertaining to September 14 EDR. Exhibits,Tables,Figures & Alignments Sheets (Part 1 of 2) under CP07-52, et. al..

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      DOW-E-002_NK_Alignment sheet.PDF 20821054  
            No description given
      HDD Exhibits_01-13-10_FERC_File.PDF 2832281  
            No description given
      Housing Avoidance Figures_01-13-10.PDF 38078683  
            No description given
      Housing Avoidance Comparison Tables.PDF 10590  
            No description given
      DOW-E-005_NK_Alignment sheet.PDF 14657589  
            No description given
      DOW-E-001_NK.PDF 20932498  
            No description given
      DOW-E-003_NK_Alignment sheet.PDF 17369508  
            No description given
      Option 6 House Avoidance Wetland Impact Comparisons.PDF 7699  
            No description given
      DOW-E-004_NK_Alignment sheet.PDF 18922263  
            No description given
      Transmittal_letter_FERC_031110.PDF 572144  
            No description given

FERC Generated PDF    
      10837833.PDF 18517