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Accession Number:   20091218-4011
Description:   Calais Pipeline Company,LLC's CD that contains Resource Report 11 Reliability and Safety to their application for public convenience and necessity regarding Calais Pipeline under CP10-31.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      CEII RR 13.17 Dec 2009.PDF 21855762  
      CEII RR 13.21 Dec 2009.PDF 44047  
      CEII RR 11 Dec 2009 CEII Volume.PDF 653385  
      CEII RR 13.7 Dec 2009.PDF 3164119  
      CEII RR 13.12 Dec 2009.PDF 32901  
      CEII RR 13.15 Dec 2009.PDF 102060  
      CEII RR 13.5 Dec 2009.PDF 207044  
      CEII RR 13 Master Index Dec 2009.PDF 72914  
      CEII RR 13.20 Dec 2009.PDF 86973  
      CEII RR 13.18 Dec 2009.PDF 25556  
      CEII RR 13 Appendix S Dec 2009.PDF 47221  
      CEII RR 13.22 Dec 2009.PDF 1764775  
      CEII RR 13 Appendix P Dec 2009.PDF 39360  
      CEII RR 13 Appendix F Dec 2009.PDF 111402  

FERC Generated PDF    
      10798918.PDF 4536