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Accession Number:   20080606-0095
Description:   Calais LNG Project Company, LLC requests that FERC initiate the Commission's pre-filling review of Calais LNG's proposed liquefied natural gas receiving terminal and pipeline under PF08-24. LARGE FORMATS ONLY.

  Type   File Name Size  
FERC Generated PDF    
      10476228.PDF 14503  

All Large Format  
  Page 38   Calais LNG Terminal Plan 6702465
  Page 39   Calais LNG Terminal Plan 6677877
  Page 40   Calais LNG Terminal Plan 6698605
  Page 41   Calais LNG Terminal Plan 6668182
  Page 42   pipeline route alternatives 7952159
  Page 43   Pipeline Route Alternatives 7940990
  Page 44   Pipeline Route Alternatives 7956124
  Page 45   Pipeline Route Alternatives 7953059