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Accession Number:   20070725-4004
Description:   Quoddy Bay LNG, LLC et al's CD containing the Air Emission License Application to its 6/29/07 filing of documents filed with Maine Depart of Environmental Protection, CP07-35 et al. oqa, exe,inp, mrg, msg, rpt, dat, pfl, sfc,144, pip and sum not loaded.

  Type   File Name Size  
All Mixed Format    
    test.OUT 13516007  
    README.TXT 2376  
    quoddy.OUT 48638  
    Output Files.ZIP 36391103  
    Annuals.ZIP 8347189  
    CO.ZIP 62192864  
    README.TXT 8317  
    NOX.ZIP 12626631  
    PM10.ZIP 28612309  
    Annuals.ZIP 12288742  
    SO2.ZIP 67343253  
    Annuals.ZIP 11924974