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Accession Number:   20070604-5034
Description:   Downeast LNG, Inc., et al. submitting Part 1 of 2 -Cover Letters and Responses to Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Maine Board of Environmental Protection under CP07-52, et al.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      FERC_Filing_Cover_Letter.PDF 772062  
      MDEP_Response_Addl_Info.PDF 952187  
      MDEP_Data_Request_5_2_07.PDF 7774801  
      Cover_Letter_Resp_MDEP.PDF 34842  
      BEP_Exclusion_Zone_Part_2.PDF 4168250  
      MDEP_Data_Request_Part_2.PDF 6706778  
      BEP_Letter_DELNG_Finances.PDF 3547730  
      MDEP_Data_Requests_Part_1.PDF 128668  
      BEP_Exclusion_Zone_Part_1.PDF 6463487  

FERC Generated PDF    
      wmef200706045034.PDF 30513381