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Accession Number:   20070420-4002
Description:   Final Environmental Impact Statement for Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline, LLC's Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline Project under CP06-449.

  Type   File Name Size  
All PDF    
      Cover and Spine.PDF 990616  
      Appendix O.PDF 41583  
      Table of Contents.PDF 55414  
      Executive Summary.PDF 45713  
      Section 1.PDF 62625  
      Section 2.PDF 13914183  
      Section 3.PDF 119704  
      Section 4.PDF 569485  
      Section 5.PDF 80825  
      Appendix A.PDF 65870  
      Appendix B.PDF 12927  
      Appendix C.PDF 192819  
      Appendix D.PDF 176887  
      Appendix E.PDF 131915  
      Appendix F.PDF 12917  
      Appendix G.PDF 67431  
      Appendix H.PDF 83315  
      Appendix I.PDF 334184  
      Appendix J.PDF 103057  
      Appendix K.PDF 7774029  
      Appendix L.PDF 37404  
      Appendix M.PDF 18217  
      Appendix N.PDF 1948600  
      Letter to Parties.PDF 23884